Jean Philippe Kadzinski (J.P.) is both a professional photographer and a professional model / actor. Born in France, he began working as a fashion model over 20 years ago. J.P. has done hundreds of ads, fashion campaigns and TV spots all over the world, and is now based in New York City. Being in front of the camera for so many years has given him a unique take on photography. J.P. believes that the key is to capture the essence of the person, and that catching the right moment will make the picture come alive.

Jean Philippe originally wanted this site just for his photography. However, once the economy tanked and modeling work became ahrder to come by, he took down his modeling site and asked me to move its content over to his photography domain. Accordingly, I created an intro page leading to two separate micro-sites. As for the interior page design, J.P. wanted a simple site that would highlight his image galleries while making his contact info easy to find.

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